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Confusing Probability Puzzle

Confusing Probability Puzzle - 26 January

You along with your friend are standing in front of two houses. Each of those houses inhabits a family with two children.

Your friend tells you the below two facts:
1) On your left is a family that has a boy who likes accounts but the other child loves science.
2) On the right is a family with a seven year old boy and a new born baby.

You ask him, "Does either of the family have a girl?"

To this he replies, "I am not quite sure. But can you guess that? If you are right, I will give you $200."

Which family do you think is likely to have a girl ?

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Hard Movie Rebus Puzzle

Hard Movie Rebus Puzzle - 25 January

The what? This image tells the name of a movie. Can you crack the code and find the name?

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9 dots 4 Lines Picture Puzzle

9 dots 4 Lines Picture Puzzle - 24 January

You will find nine dots in the picture that has been attached with this question. Can you join all the dots drawing four straight lines without picking up your pen?

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Quick Fire Puzzle

Quick Fire Puzzle - 23 January

A patient was diagnose with some ailment. He was given five different tablets to take at night at an interval of 15 minutes.

How long will it take the patient to consume all the five tablets?

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Missing Number Row Sequence

Missing Number Row Sequence - 22 January

Can you find the missing number in the third row?
35 20 14
27 12 18
5   2    ?

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NYC Hardest Logical Deduction Puzzle

NYC Hardest Logical Deduction Puzzle - 21 January

You are hanging around in NYC when a person approaches you.

"Leaving the bald people aside, I can bet a hundred bucks that there are two people living in NYC who have same number of hairs on their heads," he says to you.

You say that you will take the bet. After talking to the man for a couple of minutes, you realize that you have lost the bet.

What did the person say to you that proved his statement ?

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Two Rectangles Two Matchsticks Puzzle

Two Rectangles Two Matchsticks Puzzle - 20 January

Can you move two matchsticks in the given picture in a manner that the resulting arrangement comes up with two rectangles?

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