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Clockwise Word Riddle

Clockwise Word Riddle - 5 March

If you read clockwise, you can form a word by inserting three missing letters in the picture.

Can you do it?

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Flaw Statement Riddle

Flaw Statement Riddle - 4 March

"That shopping mall always remain crowded. This is the reason why nobody goes there."

Can you find a flaw in this statement ?

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Six Digit Number Puzzle

Six Digit Number Puzzle - 3 March

Calculate a six digit number that is smaller than 500000 such that the sum of its digits is 43 exactly ?

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How Many Chocolates Maths Puzzle

How Many Chocolates Maths Puzzle - 2 March

In a certain offer, you can exchange 5 wrappers of chocolate to get an actual chocolate. After utilizing two weeks, a man manages to collect 77 wrappers.

Can you find out how many chocolates will he be able to get in return?

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Riddle Who Am I

Riddle Who Am I - 1 March

I am a five letter word under you,
Remove first letter and I am above you,
Remove the second as well and I am around you.

Who am I ?

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Writer Age Riddle

Writer Age Riddle - 28 February

A writer was fifty years old in the year 2000 but he was forty years old in the year 2010.

How can this be possible?
PS: It has a logical answer.

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Hard Missing Number Grid

Hard Missing Number Grid - 27 February

Can you find out the missing number in the grid?

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