Elementary Riddle

Elementary Riddle - 25 April

You enter your friend's room. He is not in his room. Although you see that on the bed are two dogs, five cats, two giraffes and three pigs. Also, a couple of chickens and ducks are flying in the room.

Calculate the number of legs standing on the floor.

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Cricket Riddle

Cricket Riddle - 24 April

How many runs at maximum can a batsman score in a normal one day match? Consider the fact that the conditions are ideal and there are no No Balls, no Wide Balls and no Extras in that match.

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What Word Am I Thinking Of Riddle

What Word Am I Thinking Of Riddle - 23 April

I am an eleven letter word.
The first, second, third and fourth letter combine to form a bank’s name.
The fifth, sixth and seventh letter combine to form a car’s name.
The eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh letter combine to form a mode of transport.

Can you identify what word am I ?
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Hard Conditional Probability Problem

Hard Conditional Probability Problem - 22 April

Four friends - Anna, Brian, Christy and Drake are asked to choose any number between 1 and 5.

Can you calculate the probability that any of them chose the same number ?

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Hardest Probability Problem

Hardest Probability Problem - 21 April

If you keep rolling a pair of dice together till a sum of 5 or 7 is obtained, then what is the probability that a sum of 5 comes before a sum of 7?

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Science Riddle For High School

Science Riddle For High School - 20 April

There is a boat with a brick of gold and a brick of iron. Both the blocks are exactly 10 inch in size. If they are dropped into the surrounding water of river.

Which one of the blocks will make the water level higher ?

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Engineer Riddle

Engineer Riddle - 19 April

Look at the figure below. You have three house and there are three utilities below it: W representing water, G representing gas and E representing Electricity.

You have to draw a line that gets each utility into every house without crossing the lines. Can you do it?

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