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Good Toothpick Riddle

Good Toothpick Riddle - 27 November

You can move only two matchsticks. Will two moves be enough for you to make eight squares of three different sizes?

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Husband Wife Steps Puzzle

Husband Wife Steps Puzzle - 26 November

Husband and wife were jogging in the morning. To match every two steps of husband, wife required three steps. If Both of them start with the here right foot. After how many steps do their left foot be together?

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OneLiner Humor Riddle

OneLiner Humor Riddle - 25 November

When it's bad luck to meet a white cat?

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Akbar Birbal Story Riddle

Akbar Birbal Story Riddle - 24 November

Trying to tease Birbal, Akbar gave him one gold coin and ask him to buy
* something for him to eat
* something for him to drink.
* something to feed the cows
* something to plant in the garden
and most important you need to buy only one thing.

What must Birbal buy to silence Akbar?

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OneLiner Relationship Riddle

OneLiner Relationship Riddle - 23 November

If Ruth daughter is my daughter mom, who am I to Ruth?

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QuickFire Trick Teaser

QuickFire Trick Teaser - 22 November

I have 50-inch long bedsheet, I need to create 50 handkerchiefs each size of 1-inch. I take one minute to cut 1-inch handkerchief. So how long will it take to cut 50 handkerchiefs?

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Supernatural - Who Are They Puzzle

Supernatural - Who Are They Puzzle - 21 November

They Fight against the vampires.
They know their spell.
They fight against demons.
They are the most famous ghost hunters
They always do together as they are brothers.

Who are they?

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