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Movie Name Rebus

Movie Name Rebus - 19 January

Decipher the movie name hidden in the rebus below?

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Fill The Tank Riddle

Fill The Tank Riddle - 18 January

Which tank will fill first?

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The Best Proposition Puzzle

The Best Proposition Puzzle - 17 January

For extra income, Castiel decided to work on pizza hut for one-hour daily. The manager offers him that they will pay him $11 after every eleven days.
However, Castiel offered a different proposition to the manager. The offers stand as:
He will be paid just a penny on his first day.
Two pence will be paid on the second day,
Four pence will be paid on the third day.
And so on till 11th day.

Should the pizza hut manager accept his offer?

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Masked Girls Riddle

Masked Girls Riddle - 16 January

Steffi leaves home and then she makes exactly 3 left turns and returns home where she found 2 girls wearing the mask.

Who are these two masked girls?

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Trick Chess Riddle

Trick Chess Riddle - 15 January

As we know that the white starts the game in chess. Can you find the scenario showed in the picture below is possible when all the white pieces are at the original place white black pawn is not?

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Simple MatchSticks Puzzle

Simple MatchSticks Puzzle - 14 January

Using exactly three matchsticks, can you divide the area into two equal parts?

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Danny Ocean Break Safe Puzzle

Danny Ocean Break Safe Puzzle - 13 January

Danny Ocean and his team plan to rob Las Vegas safe. They got just one chance to break the code else the local police will be informed.
Following are the following clues:

A) Exactly one number is perfectly placed: 9 8 1
B) Everything is incorrect: 9 2 4
C) Two numbers are part of the code of the safe but are wrongly placed: 0 9 3
D) One number is part of the code of the safe but is wrongly placed: 1 4 7
E) One number is part of the code of the safe but is wrongly placed: 7 8 3

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