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Odd Number Riddle

Odd Number Riddle - 30 May

Can you find the odd number in the following five choices?

1) 482636
2) 259807
3) 865195
4) 104739
5) 391744

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Looking Riddle

Looking Riddle - 29 May

Rohit is looking at Naina, but Naina is looking at Amish. Rohit is married, but Amish is not.

Is a married person looking at an unmarried person or not?

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Find Triangles Puzzle

Find Triangles Puzzle - 28 May

Can you find the number of triangles in the given figure?

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Calculate Sibling Family Riddle

Calculate Sibling Family Riddle - 27 May

In a family, there are many children. Every boy in the family has as many brothers as the sisters. However, each girl has twice number of brothers as that of sisters.

Can you calculate the number of siblings in the given family ?

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Cross Bridge Logic Problem

Cross Bridge Logic Problem - 26 May

A car is crossing a 20km long bridge. The bridge can support at most 1500kg of weight over it. If somehow, the weight on the bridge becomes more than that, it will break.

Now, the weight of the car is exactly 1500kg. At the midway, a bird comes and sits on the roof of the car. This bird weighs exactly 200 gram.
Can you tell if the bridge breaks at this point or not?

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Hidden Picture Riddle

Hidden Picture Riddle - 25 May

Can you find a rabbit in the given picture?

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Word Game Riddle

Word Game Riddle - 24 May

Lets play a word game. Following are some meaningless words that can be completed adding random letters on either sides of the word.

For an example, the word "rdo" can be formed into "pardon".

Using the same technique, can you complete the given words?

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