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Solve Picture Word Puzzle

Solve Picture Word Puzzle - 23 December

You can see nine letters in the give diagram.
Can you form a 9 letter word using these letters?
Please note that you have to use each letter.

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Cool Photo Puzzle

Cool Photo Puzzle - 22 December

Can you calculate the total number of hands and fingers in the given picture?

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Guess Movie Name

Guess Movie Name - 21 December

Here is a mathematical expression that also secretly tells a movie name. What movie is that?

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Missing Vowels Riddle

Missing Vowels Riddle - 20 December

The following four words might seem abrupt to you. But you can make them meaningful by just adding vowels.

Hint: All of them are vegetables.

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Fun Picture Puzzle

Fun Picture Puzzle - 19 December

In the attached picture of a pretty girl, there is something wrong. Can you find out what it is?

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Deductive Thinking Hat Puzzle

Deductive Thinking Hat Puzzle - 18 December

Four friends are sitting on a tree. Each one of them are wearing a hat. They dont know which colored hat are they wearing but they do know that two of them have green hats and two of them have orange hats.

Adam is sitting on the top branch and he can clearly see the hats of Billy and Cyrus. Billy is sitting on a branch above Cyrus and he can see Cyrus hat clearly. Duke is sitting at the base of the tree. There are branches covering him fully and no one can see his hat.

Now they are nota allowed to look upwards. Who do you think will shout the color of his hat first?

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Mythological Riddle

Mythological Riddle - 17 December

Your mythological knowledge might be pretty good. But can you tell the place where Lord Ram celebrated Diwali ?
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