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Minutes Feb 2017 Riddle

Minutes Feb 2017 Riddle - 24 February

How many minutes are there in Feb 2017?

Note: Shortest answer is the correct answer.

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Number Dot Algebric Riddle

Number Dot Algebric Riddle - 23 February

Can you solve the below algebraic picture puzzle?

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Who Are They

Who Are They - 22 February

They came out at night, without being called.
They lost at day, without being stolen.
Who are they?

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The Cards Magic Riddle

The Cards Magic Riddle - 21 February

David Blaine and Dynamo performed together in our college fest. I was chosen to be performed a card trick on. Blaine asked me to shuffle a deck of cards and when I was done, he asked me to pick any five cards. I did as he had asked and showed my selected cards to Blaine.

Out of those five cards, he gave four to Dynamo and one back to me. Upon looking at those four cards, he was able to deduce the card I was holding.

I was shocked. It was brilliant. But when I was returning back home, I thought about it and was able to crack the trick.

Do you know how they did it?

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Three Triangles Matchsticks Riddle

Three Triangles Matchsticks Riddle - 20 February

Can you remove 6 matchsticks and ensure after removing we are left with three triangles and all are of not the same size?

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Tank Fill First Puzzle

Tank Fill First Puzzle - 19 February

Which tank will fill first?

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Chocolates In Hand Picture Riddle

Chocolates In Hand Picture Riddle - 18 February

Can you count the chocolates in hand?

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