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Classic What Am I Riddle

Classic What Am I Riddle - 28 June

I came first on earth but second on the heaven.
I also came twice in a week but found just once in a year.
I stay away from months but you can find me in February.

What am I?

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Upsc Picture Series Puzzle

Upsc Picture Series Puzzle - 27 June

Can you solve below logical number series puzzle?

Note: You can repeat numbers.

*This question was asked in UPSC(A competitive exam in India)

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Good Who Am I Riddle

Good Who Am I Riddle - 21 June

I do not have any heart but still I manage to live. If you kill me , you will eventually die but yet you kill me. I cannot run, who am I?

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Math Pyramid Puzzle

Math Pyramid Puzzle - 20 June

You need to solve the below maths pyramid puzzle by replacing the question mark with the perfect numbers.

1      2    14
?      2     ?
?      2     1    ?

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Popular Japanese Ship Mystery Puzzle

Popular Japanese Ship Mystery Puzzle - 9 June

A Japanese ship is sailing in the Indian Ocean. The captain of the ship feels tired and decides to take shower to be rejuvenated. He goes to take the shower after keeping his diamond-studded rolex watch and gold chain on the table.
When he comes back after 15 minutes, he finds them missing. There are 4 crew members on the ship and he call them one by one to ask them what they were doing in that duration.

Following are the answers:
1. Portuguese Guy who is the cook replies that he was cooking mutton for the crew members.
2. Bangladeshi Guy who is a housekeeper tells that he was sleeping in his room.
3. American Guy who is the engineer says that he was checking on the generator.
4. French guy who is another housekeeper says that he was correcting the hoisted flag that was put upside down.

It took only a couple of seconds for the captain to find the thief. Can you find the thief too?

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Matchsticks Square Puzzle

Matchsticks Square Puzzle - 8 June

Can you move four matchsticks to form three squares?

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What Word of 5 Letters Riddle

What Word of 5 Letters Riddle - 7 June

Can you find a five letter word that is left with only two letters if one is removed?

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