Funny And Clever Riddle

Funny And Clever Riddle - 21 August

You are stuck on an island where you have nothing. You find four pieces of paper somewhere on the island. What will be your strategy to escape from the island safely?

PS: No other resource is available to you on the island, neither can you build anything.

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Hard Logic Sequence Puzzle

Hard Logic Sequence Puzzle - 22 August

Complete the following series:

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, __?

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Missing Figure

Missing Figure - 19 August

Can you find the missing figure from the grid? Choose from the options given.

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Lateral Thinking Picture Puzzle

Lateral Thinking Picture Puzzle - 18 August

Assume the given figure to be a delicious doughnut. Yes, now you can concentrate more on the puzzle. So you have this delicious doughnut in your refrigerator when your friends come knocking at the door. There are eight of them.

Now you have to make three cuts in this doughnut so that each one of you nine people can enjoy a piece of it. Neither you nor your friends would mind the size of their piece as long as they are getting it.

How will you do it?

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Here A ODI cricket riddle

Here A ODI cricket riddle - 17 August

here's a cricket riddle for all of cricket lovers

I have played 50 ODI's and my average is 50.
How many runs should i score in my 51st ODI, so that my average score jumps to 51 ?

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Famous Dollar Riddle

Famous Dollar Riddle - 16 August

What is the largest amount of money that you can possess in change and still if someone asks you for a dollar, you won't be able to give?

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Google Interview Puzzle

Google Interview Puzzle - 15 August

There are seven sister in a house in a village where there is no electricity or any gadget.

Sister-1: Reading Novel
Sister-2: Cooking
Sister-3: Playing Chess
Sister-4: Playing Sudoku
Sister-5: Washing clothes
Sister-6: Garderning

what is Sister-7 doing ?

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