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Easy Maths Problem

Easy Maths Problem - 6 July

A chocolate costs 6 rupees and a soda costs 5 rupees. If you have 32 rupees in total, how many chocolates and how many sodas can be purchased with that amount.

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Solve Rebus Riddle

Solve Rebus Riddle - 5 July

what does below rebus means ?

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Which Coins Puzzle

Which Coins Puzzle - 4 July

Aman is having 1.15 rupees in his pocket. There are a total of 6 coins in his pocket.

When his friend asked him for a change, he was unable to given change for a rupee and five paisa.

Can you tell which coins did he have?

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How Many Cartons Puzzle

How Many Cartons Puzzle - 3 July

Riya can place six large boxes or nine small boxes into a carton.

Can you find out in how many cartons can she place sixty-six boxes in total ?

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Missing Train Passengers Riddle

Missing Train Passengers Riddle - 2 July

A train full of passengers goes through a tunnel. When the train comes out from the other end, there is no single person on the train.

How did it happen ?

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Fold Cube Picture Puzzle

Fold Cube Picture Puzzle - 1 July

If the given figure is folded to make a cube, which of the following options will be formed?

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No Breaking Law Riddle

No Breaking Law Riddle - 30 June

Shweta is learning to drive her new car. She went down a one way lane and in the wrong direction. But she do not break any law.

How come ?

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