Deductive Logic Puzzle

Deductive Logic Puzzle - 28 July

In a university, a professor gave a set of three problems to the three brilliant most students of his class. See the image for the questions.

Now all three students gave different answers to the problems. Below are the replies by them.

First Student
1. Two
2. Six
3. Two

Second Student
1. Two
2. Three
3. Infinity

Third Student
1. One
2. Three
3. Two

Now you know that every student has given one answer wrong and the other two answers right. Can you find out the correct answers?

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Rebus Puzzle For Middle School

Rebus Puzzle For Middle School - 27 July

what does this picture tell you ?

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Quick Mind Test

Quick Mind Test - 26 July

On a bright sunny day, two fathers took their son fishing in the lake. Each man and son were able to catch one fish. When they returned to their camp, there were only three wishes in the basket. What happened?

PS: None of the fishes were eaten, lost or thrown back.

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Simple But Tricky Question

Simple But Tricky Question - 25 July

A pet show was happening in my locality. I went down along with my kids. In that show, I noticed that all except two of the entries were cats. All except two were dogs and all except two were fishes.

Can you find out how many of each animals were present in that pet show?

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Solve The Picture Riddle

Solve The Picture Riddle - 24 July

Can you arrange the six given marbles in a manner that each one of them is touching all four marbles of different colors?

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Deductive Thinking Puzzle

Deductive Thinking Puzzle - 23 July

There are three identical triplets sisters. Demi is the oldest of them all and she always speaks truth. Diana is the next one who is a liar always. Drew, the youngest of them all speaks both truth and lies randomly.

On a rainy day, a family friend Victor visited them. Since there were starkly identical, he was not able to recognize them. Thus to clarify, he asked one question to each one of them.

He started with the one standing on the left and asked, 'Which sister is in the middle of you three?' She answered, 'That’s Demi.'

Then, he asked the one standing in the middle, 'What is your name?' She answered, 'I am Drew.'

Finally he asked the one standing on the right, 'Who is standing in the middle?' She answered, 'She is Diana.'

Victor was left baffled. He asked the questions three times and received different answers every time.

Can you tell who was who?

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Calculate Distance Puzzle

Calculate Distance Puzzle - 22 July

Two friends plan to meet. They both own a bike and hops on to their respective bikes and kick start the journey together deciding to meet halfway. Each of them is riding at 6 MPH and their houses are 36 miles apart from each other. One of them has a dog who also begins running at that very instant. The dog keeps running back and forth at 18 MPH from one friend to another till they meet at the half way.

Can you calculate the distance that the dog has traveled in total?

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