Join Star Puzzle

Join Star Puzzle - 17 September

In the figure, you can see nine stars. What you have to do is connect all of them by using just four line and without lifting your hand i.e. in a continuous flow. Can you find a method to achieve it?

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Measuring Water Aptitude Interview Question

Measuring Water Aptitude Interview Question - 16 September

You have a 12 liters jug full of water. You have two empty 8 liters and 5 liters jug. Now can you divide the water into two equal parts using these jugs?

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Smart Thinking Riddle

Smart Thinking Riddle - 15 September

A man is on his death bed. He has two sons. All these years, he has treated them equally and has not put any sort of discrimination between them. Now, he owns a land which he wants to divide equally between his sons before he takes his final breath. The only problem is that the land is not in any symmetrical shape and thus can’t simply be divided into two equal halves.

Can you figure out a method to divide the land without going through all the extensive measurements such that both sons are happy with their share of land ?
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Stupidest Riddle

Stupidest Riddle - 14 September

Julius and Caesar are found dead on the floor of a mansion. No mark or cut can be found in their bodies. Also, there are no signs of poisoning.

Near their bodies, you can find a broken bowl and traces of wetness. How did they die?

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Tricky Math Trivia Question

Tricky Math Trivia Question - 13 September

Can you find out which triangle will have a bigger area among the following ?

1. A triangle with sides 300, 400 and 500
2. A triangle with sides 300, 400 and 700

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How Many Triangles Are There Riddle

How Many Triangles Are There Riddle - 12 September

Count the number of triangles in the given picture.

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Matchstick Picture Logic Puzzle

Matchstick Picture Logic Puzzle - 11 September

If you look at the figure given, you will find a square formed with match sticks. This figure comprises of five squares. Can you move the matchsticks such that the resulting figure consists of ten squares?

Please note that, you can just drag the matchsticks and can’t rotate them and also you have just four moves. How will you do it?

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