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Fresh Egg Trick Riddle

Fresh Egg Trick Riddle - 25 April

A container contains hundred eggs. They can be either fresh or rotten. What is sure is the fact that there is at least one fresh egg in that container.

If you are asked to pick two eggs randomly from the container, at least one of them will be rotten.

Can you calculate how many eggs in that container are fresh ?

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Science Weigh Puzzle

Science Weigh Puzzle - 24 April

You balance a broom horizontally on your finger such that your finger is present on the center of the gravity of the broom (precisely). You mark the spot and cut the broom into two halves. You are left with two pieces - one long piece with the handle and one short piece with bristles and a portion of handle.

If you weigh both the pieces now, what will happen?
a) The longer piece weighs more.
b) The shorter piece weighs more.
c) Both pieces weighs equal.

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Deduce Password Puzzle

Deduce Password Puzzle - 23 April

In a secret society, a buried chamber can be accessed only via a secret password. The password is seven characters long and comprises of just letters and numbers.

You find a code that can help you in cracking the password. The code says "You force heaven to be empty".

Can you deduce the password from that?

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Cards Puzzle

Cards Puzzle - 22 April

A man has four playing cards in random order in his hand ( 6 7 8 and 9)

He desires them placed in ascending order from his left to his right.

* To do this, he pulls the left card (from your perspective) and puts it end.
* He then takes the third card from the right (from your perspective) and puts it in end.

Can you guess the original order of the cards ?

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Count Number Of Squares

Count Number Of Squares - 21 April

Can you count number of squares in a figure below ?

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Picture Rebus

Picture Rebus - 20 April

Solve the rebus below ?

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Compare Quantity Puzzle

Compare Quantity Puzzle - 19 April

Suppose "s" represents the number of seconds in a day and "h" represents the number of hours in ten years (which will also include two leap years), can you calculate which quantity is greater from the two variables?

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