Murder Mystery Story To Solve

Murder Mystery Story To Solve - 3 September

A man is lying dead in a field where no one is around. His head is split open and his legs are disfigured. Near to him, there is an unopened package. No living organism can be found anywhere at the crime scene. How did he die?

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which letter replaces the question mark

which letter replaces the question mark - 2 September

The below given figure comprises of a pattern through which you can determine the missing letter. Can you push your mind to find the pattern and add the missing letter?

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Matchstick Problem

Matchstick Problem - 01 September

As you can see that fifteen matches have been used to form an arrangement. What you have to do is remove any six of them to make them ten.

Can you do that?

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Popular Thursday Riddle

Popular Thursday Riddle - 31 August

A girl rode into a tourist spot out of the city on Thursday. She loved the place and decided to stay for a few days. She stayed for four days and then she left for back home on Thursday.

How can this be possible?

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Well Known Hiccups Riddle

Well Known Hiccups Riddle - 30 August

A man walked into a pub and went straight towards the barman. He asked for a dirty martini from the barman. The barman thought something and then pulled out a pistol from a drawer. He aimed it directly at the man. Why did he do that?

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Scientific Riddle

Scientific Riddle - 29 August

Here is what you have to do. You have to throw a ball as hard as you can but it must return back to you even if it does not bounce at anything. Also, you have nothing attached to the ball. There is no one on the other end to catch that ball and throw it back at you.

How will you do it ?

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Trick Humorous Puzzle

Trick Humorous Puzzle - 28 August

You were playing ping pong with your friend. Suddenly the ball fell into a narrow metal pipe that was imbedded in the concrete surface of the floor one foot deep. Now you don't have any other ball and you desperately want to take it out and play. You and your friend have your shoe laces, your tennis paddle and a plastic water bottle. However the bottle cannot fit into the pipe.

How will you take the ball out?

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