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Switch Or Not Puzzle

Switch Or Not Puzzle - 27 March

You are presented with three boxes. One of them has a red ball inside and the other two have a black ball inside each of them. You are asked to pick up the one with red ball and you pick one. Now, one of the other boxes is opened and it is found to have a black ball.

You are presented with a chance to change your box with the one that is left closed. Will you change your box? Why or why not?

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Stupid Liquid Riddle

Stupid Liquid Riddle - 26 March

How will you make an air conditioner, a parrot, a refrigerator, and a table liquid?

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Find Out The Word Problem

Find Out The Word Problem - 25 March

Three words in English language end with the letters "g", "r" and "y". Out of those three words, two are - "hungry" and "angry".

The third word can be interpreted as something that we utilize every day. Can you find out what that word is ?

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Count The Number Of Triangles In Figure

Count The Number Of Triangles In Figure - 24 March

Can you count the number of triangles in the puzzle below ?

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Short Story Birbal Riddle

Short Story Birbal Riddle - 23 March

A man was convicted of a minor offense in Akbar court. Akbar decided to give him a chance. He asked him to give a statement. If the statement is true, he will be killed by lions and if it is false, he will be killed by trampling of wild elephants.

The convicted person requested help from Birbal and since the crime was not a big one, Birbal decided to help him. Whatever Birbal suggested impressed Kabir and he let the convicted person go.

What did Birbal suggest to the person?

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Hard Day Born Puzzle

Hard Day Born Puzzle - 22 March

Raman was born on March 5, 1970. Prakhar was born 25 days before Raman. The year when they took birth, the Republic Day fell on Monday.

Can you find out on what day was Prakhar born?

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Cost Pen Cap Puzzle

Cost Pen Cap Puzzle - 21 March

A pen along with its cap costs Rs. 5.50. If the cost of pen is Rs. 5, more than the cap, can you calculate the cost of the cap ?

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