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How Many Squares Can You Find

How Many Squares Can You Find - 28 July

Can you count the number of squares in the given picture?

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Probability Interview Gun Puzzle

Probability Interview Gun Puzzle - 27 July

You are stuck with a gangster who likes to play it rough. The only way to survive is to accept his invitation to play Russian Roulette.

He presents a revolver in which, three bullets have been placed consecutively. Now he spins the chamber cylinder of the gun. The cylinder wont be spun again. The gun will be passed between both of you till the gun fires and one of you is dead.

Will you prefer to go first or second if you are given a choice ?

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Who Is Taller Puzzle

Who Is Taller Puzzle - 26 July

500 women soldiers are arranged in an array of ten rows and fifty columns in accordance with their respective heights. Now, the tallest woman from each row is asked to move out in the front. From them, the shortest one is labelled as Alpha. They are then asked to resume their original position.

Now, the shortest woman in each column is asked to come out in front. The tallest among them is labelled as Beta.

Can you find out if Alpha will be taller or Beta?

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How Many Squares Riddle

How Many Squares Riddle - 25 July

Count number of squares in picture below ?

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Rebus Image Problem

Rebus Image Problem - 24 July

Solve rebus picture below ?

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House Distance Puzzle

House Distance Puzzle - 23 July

In a town, there are four houses located at different distances from each other. Following are the distances:
The third house is 60 km apart from the first house.
The fourth house is 40 km apart from the second house.
The third house is 10 km nearer to the fourth house than it is to the second house.

Can you find out the distance between the fourth and the first house ?

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What 6 Letter Word Puzzle

What 6 Letter Word Puzzle - 22 July

Can you make a six-letter word using the letters N, A and B ?

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