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Cute Humor Riddle

Cute Humor Riddle - 29 May

How can you place a magic cube on the floor so that no one can jump over it?

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Who Am I Science Puzzle

Who Am I Science Puzzle - 28 May

I am the one who remains awake when you sleep. But I need to rest when you awake. Who Am I?

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MilOneLion Rebus Riddle

MilOneLion Rebus Riddle - 27 May

Solve the rebus riddle in the picture below?

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Maths QuickFire Riddle

Maths QuickFire Riddle - 26 May

What is the value of √16% ?

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Find Error In The Picture

Find Error In The Picture - 25 May

Can you find the error in the picture below?

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Algebra Maths Equation Riddle

Algebra Maths Equation Riddle - 24 May

Can you solve the below algebraic mathematical equation?

(J+O+I+N+T)3 = JOINT

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Detective Rockford Murder Puzzle

Detective Rockford Murder Puzzle - 23 May

Detective Rockford was jogging near the beach ar 4:30 am. He hears a sound near the shack "No Michael, Please Do not shoot me". Next instance he heard a sound of gunfire. Rockford rushes to shack where he finds women lying dead and a gun in close proximity of three "Doctore Lawyer and a Teacher".

Rockford immediately knew that the Lawyer has committed the crime. How ?

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