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Candle Problem

Two candles are the same length.
Both are lit at the same time.
The first candle (#1) burns six hours before it extinguishes itself.
The second candle (#2) burns three hours before it extinguishes itself.
During how much time must candle #1 burn before it is twice the length of candle #2?

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  1. two. but i can't formulate the correct equation(s). >_<

  2. Can you explain how you cane up with that equation?

  3. Let length of candle be 1, and the first candle burns 1/6 per hour, and the second one burns 1/3 per hour. Let t be the target length of time to be sought, so the first and second candles burn t/6 and t/3 respectively by the time the first is twice as long as the second. What remain of them satisfy the following equation:

    1-t/6 = 2*(1-t/3)

    From the equation we get t = 2.