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Cipher Age Puzzle

Cipher Age Puzzle - 23 January

If Susan is 10, Arabella is 20, and Jim and Neal are both 5, but Richard is 10, how much is Jennifer by the same system?

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  1. You have to look at how many times the first letter of the name is repeated. For Susan and Richard,its repeated twice so 2*5 = 10, for Neal and Jim, once so 1*5 = 5,for Arabella, three times so 5*2*2 = 20
    Hence for Jennifer is only repeated once...
    So Jennifer is 5.

  2. Jennifer is 2.5(30 months) years old

  3. 15; 5 for each syllable in the name

    Andy (10)

  4. Well first you double it the divide it by 5 and that is the end so start it over it has double it so divide by 5 so the answer is 5 bitches

  5. it can be taken as every vowel is consist of 5 yrs therefore last jennifer has three vowel than it will be
    15 yrs

    1. but neal has two vowels and hes 5, but would be 10 by your logic, its syllables

    2. 5
      You have to look at how many times the first letter of the name is repeated. Susan and Richard, twice so 2*5 = 10, Neal and Jim, once so 1*5 = 5, Arabella, three times so 5*2*2 = 20
      Jennifer is only repeated once...


  6. the answer is 20.the logic is simple,observe the no of repeated letters in Susan ,it is 1 that is only 's'.So 1*10=10 years.In Arabella there are 2 repeated letters 'a' and 'l' so 2*10=20.Jim and Neal have no repeated letters and in the name with no repeating letters age is calculated as follows Jim=1+3+1=5 that is consonants are given one unit and vowels a e i o u where i stands at 3.Now Neal 1+2+1+1=5years. Jennifer 2 repeated letters so 20.

  7. 15.. 1 syllable is equal to 5..

  8. who ever said the numbers were years of age though i can't give an answer

  9. i dont understand it how can it b fifteen ?? susan's first letter is S n richard's first letter is R non of them is repeated :/

  10. Jenifer is 5
    its a alphabetical riddle
    from A-I its 20,
    from J-N its 5,
    from O-Z its 10,
    so Jennifer is 5

  11. The answer is 15.
    Each syllable is worth 5 years.
    Susan and Richard have two syllables, so 5*2=10
    Jim and Neal each have one syllable, so 5*1=5
    Arabella has 4 syllables, so 4*5=20
    Jennifer has 3 syllables, 3*5=15, so the answer is 15.

  12. Jennifer is 15... LOOK!!!. Neal and Jim.. pronounce it!. its only 1. Su-San... 2 ? right?? so 2*5? the same also in Ri--chard. A-ra-bel-la, its 4? so 4*5 is 20? sooooo Je-ni-fer is 3, 3*5 is 15. :))) solved!!

  13. 15, each syllable is worth 5 pints.

  14. 15

    5 + (5 x (number of repeats in the word))

  15. jennifer is 1...... every one knows that people are born 1 unless it is twin haha..... is it wrong if i tried to think out of the box?
    tell me if im wrong.... im lookin foward to it.
    how much is Jennifer

  16. a e i o u

    Susan=10 (a=5, u=5)
    Arabella=20 (a=5+5+5, e=5)
    Jim=5 (i=5)
    Neal=5 (e=5, a=5) [it should have been 10 then]
    So, Jennifer=15 (e=5+5, i=5)