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Money puzzle

dollar puzzleMoney puzzle - 9 July

I saw a Jeans for Rs97. I dont have enough money , so i borrowed Rs50 from my mom and 50 from my dad = Rs100. I bought the jeans, and had Rs3 change. I gave dad Rs1 and my mom Rs1 and kept the other Rs1 for myself. Now I owe my mum Rs49 and my dad Rs49. 49+49 = 98 + my Rs1 = 99. Where is the missing Rs1?

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  1. pant price is 97 and i have pay rupees 98(49 for mom and 49 for dad) and i have 1 rupee available which shopkeeper give me.thats how 98 rupees complete.(97+1=98)

  2. when you counts from expenditure side and the money borrowed,it never equals :)

  3. its totally money problemmm..!!

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