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Cross The Bridge Puzzle

Cross The Bridge security Puzzle
Cross The Bridge Puzzle - 22 November

A guard is positioned at the one side of bridge say 'A'.
* His task is to shoot all those who try to leave from 'A' to other side say 'B'.
* He also need to welcome the person who come from other side 'B' to his side 'A'.

The guard comes out of his post every 1 hour and looks down the bridge for any people trying to leave.
Lisa Simpson a brilliant girl is at side 'A' and wish to go to other side 'B'. She also know's it would take her 1:45 hr to cross the river.

She comes with an super idea and able to cross the river.How did Lisa Simpson cross the river ?

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  1. She will go 59 minutes into the direction of side B - turn around and walk towards the guard - he will think everything is ok as Lisa is walking from B to A which is allowed and when the guard goes back to the post she will turn around again and cross the bridge before the guards next show-up.

  2. lisa fights and steals the rifle from the guard's hands, shoot him in the head and walks from A to B merrily!