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Tricky Logic Puzzle

Tricky Logic Puzzle - 21 February

 I have some blue and red sock in my drawer.    
I have total of 4 socks.
I pick 2 socks and chances that i get pair of red socks is 1/2.

What is the chance of picking a pair of blue socks ?

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  1. Probability is 1 because the red ones are already taken so there are only blue pair left.

  2. Probability is 0....
    as 1/2 probability of a red pair means out of 4 socks 3 are red and 1 is blue....
    hence probability of a blue pair as 0 as only 1 blue sock exists...

    Other than that....
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    1. Thanks Abhishek I liked your answer I also thought like you.

    2. excellent ! may i know your qualification and experience if any

  3. yup.... the answr z 0!! there will b 3 pairs and 1 blue scks !! thn nly, the prbablty f gettng a red pair will bcme 1/2!!!

  4. Fascinating!

    The Constant Rule that the riddler gives us is that, no matter the circumstance, we will always have a 50% chance of choosing a pair of red socks. Thus, out of four socks, two will be red, since 2 is halve of 4. Let us remove that red pair from the sample.

    What remains, then, are two socks. The Constant Rule still applies, and I have a 50% of choosing a pair of red socks. But half of 2 is 1, which means that one of the two socks is red. If one of the socks is red, then the law of non-contradiction states that the remaining sock is not-red, i.e., blue.

    Thus, in summation, there is a total of 3 red socks and 1 blue sock for a grand total of 4 socks.


  5. how can there be three red? if there are 3 reds then probability of me choosing a pair of red socks is 3C2=3 and probability is 3/4... i dont know. i may be wrong. can some one help me out