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Infogain Interview Aptitude Question

Infogain Interview Aptitude Question - 21 March

Magic land QuestionOn a magical land of Narnia , all the animal in the land are rational.

There are 10 tigers and one goat.
Tiger can eat goat but since its a magical land , the tiger who eats the goat , turns into goat and then can be eaten by the remaining tiger(s).

If we leave them for some time then how many goat and tiger will be there , when we come back ?

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  1. At last will remain only one goat

  2. Logic:
    1 goat, 0 tiger

  3. logically it is 1 goat and no tigers
    but commonly all tigers will attack one goat at a time and eat it combine we will remain 10 goats

  4. answer is one goat.
    In starting we have
    10Tiger , 1Goat
    if one tiger will be eat that goat then tiger will be converted into goat at the same time
    1Tiger-> eat -> 1Goat --> Goat
    Now 9 Tigers remaining.
    9Tiger, 1 Goat
    1Tiger-> eat -> 1Goat --> Goat
    it will eaten by another tiger. it will be also converted in goat.
    Now 8 Tigers remaining.
    so this process will be continue until the last tiger.

  5. Replies
    1. tiger>eat>goat>eaten by tiger>goat>......................

  6. solution: lets 1 to 10 are the tigers and "A" is a goat
    tiger 1 eaten the goat 'A" then there is 9 tigers and one goat.
    if it continue this process finally 1 goat will left

  7. one goat,zero tiger

  8. The question actually left out an important part. It should also be stated in the question that the tigers do not want to get eaten by the other tigers, and so if eating the goat and turning into a goat will get a tiger eaten subsequently, then he will not eat the goat. Phrased differently, it could be said that the tigers' priorities are:
    1. stay alive
    2. eat the goat

    With this new information, the answer is that no tigers will eat the goat, and there will be 10 tigers and one goat left. The question would have been better if there were only 9 tigers. In that case, one tiger would eat the goat, but the others would not, resulting in 8 tigers and one goat.

  9. I think only 1 goat will be left.

    Brief Explanation:
    After all the eating, the last tiger that ate the Goat that was bewitched by Magic Turned into a Goat

    Now is there a possibility of 2 or more tigers Eating one Goat at a Time??? If so there should be a call for probability.


  10. you guys are idoits its 9 tigers and 1 goat bc its says the tigers are RATIONAL. once they witness the first tiger eat a goat and turn into one then they will not eat that goat bc rationally in this "magical world" they wud turn into one and subsequently get eaten.

  11. If you look at the solution, it says sheep at one point. Just a random thought. LOL!