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Logic Weighing Puzzle

Logic Weighing Puzzle - 26 June

You have 100 kilograms of puzzling mangoes, which are 99
percent water by weight.
You let them dehydrate until they are 98 percent water.

How much do they weigh now ?

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  1. Seems like 99 percent of 100kg, or 99kg, is the original water weight, leaving 1kg of "other" stuff. 1kg is 2% of 50, so I believe 98% will be water when the total weight is reduced to 50kg through dehydration.

  2. 50 kgs

    x/x-1 = 0.98 - x is the new wt.
    x= 50kgs


  3. basic maths, 50kg

  4. 50 kg
    The weight of water reduces not the weight of pulp.
    initially water = 99kg and pulp = 1kg.
    now after dehydration, let water wt = x
    x/(x+1) = 98/100
    therefore x = 49
    total weight of mango = x+1
    hence total weight = 50kg.

    The trick here is that people would assume that wt of pulp would also reduce, while it remains same