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Smart Logic Riddle

Smart Logic Riddle - 4 June

A sea diver is a real show off.
He showed everyone that he can hold his breath under water for 15 minutes.

I went to the diver and told him that i can be under water for double the time i.e 30 minutes.
He responded that he will give me 1000$, if i would be able to do it.

I won the 1000$.

what did i do ?

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  1. I filled a glass full of water and held it over my head for 30 minutes.

  2. The Bet is on being underwater (and breathing) for 30 mins Not Holding breath for 15 mins. Its a easy bet to win , being underwater with the equipment that allows you to stay for 30mins is all you need.

  3. wearing the oxygen mask and being in water for 30 min...quite easy...i guess...

  4. ah that's easy to be under the water for 10000000000 times in the water by taking breath he din't said to be in the water without breathing in the water so he won 1000$ ha ha haa ha ha ha ha ha hae @_@ ^_^ :) 8-)

  5. he rode a
    submarine under water

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  7. well it didn't say that he couldn't use scuba gear or not so he either used scuba gear or went under water and held is water for thirty minutes which I think is amazing

  8. shower under the water for 30 minutes & you win the bet....... :p

  9. they never said that you have to put your mouth under the water so you could just put your feet under and still breathe

  10. 1 question:
    1000 + 40 + 1000 + 30 + 1000 + 20 + 1000 + 10 = ?
    If u r smart so don't use calculator or pen paper.