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Tricky Logic Riddle

Tricky Logic Riddle - 24 June

In my garden, i have many trees but only one of them is mango tree.
In this mango trees, there are some mangoes(as expected).

But after a strong wind, there are neither mangoes on tree nor on ground.

Explain ?

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  1. There is 2 mangoes in the tree
    After wind , one mango does down => one mango on tree and one mango on ground....... =>no mangoes(plural)

  2. As its mentioned there is only one mango tree but in question its mentioned as mango trees how is possible?

  3. After a strong wind, the MAN did not go out.... he was at home safely. so there are neither MAN GOES (MANGOES) on tree nor on ground.

  4. 'there are neither mangoes on tree nor on ground' .
    only 'tree' is mentioned here, that doesn't mean mango tree.

  5. After the wind, all the mangoes were either eaten by monkeys or rolled down the slope into the river.

  6. "There are neither mangoes on tree nor on ground" ..the tree mentioned in the sentence may not be mango tree.