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Dexter Riddle

Dexter Riddle - 18 July

Dexter has a Black Honda Accord. One of the tires is a flat tire but still he manages to reach the crime scene without replacing the tire.

How ?

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  1. The spare tyre is flat.

  2. he just walked to crime scene......

  3. the tire was punctured at the crime scene

  4. the possible answers that comply with the problem put up in the question are:
    1. difference in the time was huge that by the time crime happened he must have put up the spare tyre.
    2. he took a cab or went running/walking to the place where crime was given effect, at appropriate time.
    3.lastly, 'flat' may be the brand of tyre he's using. that means one of the three tyre is of a brand named 'flat'.

  5. Dexter killed his friend in the car itself in the frustration that he had a flat tyre...

  6. what is a stepney tire ?