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Tricky Murder Mystery Logical Riddle

Tricky Murder Mystery Logical Riddle - 16 July

Four boys were playing a game in which they need to throw the stone in the water so that the stone at don't
get sunk into the water(there is some solid area in water).

Boy1: Succeeded in throwing 2 stones at solid area but 1 of the stone sunk.
Boy3: All stones got sunk.
Boy4: None of the stones got sunk.

Boy2 was the winner but was struck by a stone in the head and died.

Who killed Boy2 ?

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  1. boy4 killed boy2.
    each boy have 3 chances. boy1 succeeded in throwing 2 stone at solid nd 1 in water. boy3 fail in every attempt. bt boy4 succeeded in all his attempt. boy2 is the winner,it shows that boy4 had less attempt then boy2. so boy4 has a stone left with which he killed boy2

  2. Boy 1,

    All stones must eventually sink if they were thrown in the water.
    Boy 1 threw 2 stones, only 1 sunk. The other stone hit the solid area that is Boy 2 's head.

  3. boy 4 .
    coz none of his stones sunk.. where did it go??? to hit boy 2 on his head :P simple

  4. Boy 1 threw 2 stones, one hit the island and the other hit the lake and sunk. Boy 2 swam to get the 2 stones on the island because he was too stupid to realize that there are stones on the ground. Boy 3, meanwhile, was too stupid too realize that boy 2 was swimming and threw all 3 stones at the same time, pissing off boy 2 who got hit in the head. Boy 4 got hungry and went home before the contest could come to its final and sad end. Boy 2, getting out of the water, demanded a rematch to recover his lost pride. However, upon realizing that boy 4 had already gone home, he realized that his hopes and ambitions were fruitless as the match could not be continued without all the boy. He threw the 2 stones up in the air with all his might, one of them falling back down upon his own head, and tragically killing him on the spot.

    This was a great riddle, I had to think about it for a long time before I finally figured it out.

    1. seems ur mind works in amazing way.
      this site is retard for u . so aim higher

  5. there is no boy 2 mentioned in the question :P he cant b the winner in the frst place cz he nve thrw stones in water wd the other boys...

  6. @param - the question if mentions he is the winner. it is meant that he threw all his stones in the solid area... simple

  7. boy 2 is the solid matter in the lake, they all threw stones at him.

  8. Boy 2 is the solid portion in that waterbody and so he died. Both Boy 1 and Boy 2 are murderers

  9. Boy 2 is the solid portion in that waterbody and so he died. Both Boy 1 and Boy 4 are murderers

  10. It's boy 4 because non of his stone get sunk. After all boy 2 is the winner (meaning he threw all is stone to the solid area which is their aim) but boy 4 who is stone neither get sunk nor stated as winner( i.e reached the solid area); where does it go? No doubt (no other place is mentioned), He killed boy 2 with it.

  11. Boy 1 threw the stone which did not get sunk as it hits the solid area that is Boy 2 head and he dies and his dead body floats in river.Boy 4 's 2 stones hits his dead body.So Boy 4 did not kill but Boy 1 did

  12. Assuming this goes in Numerical order, Boy 1 was not the killer... Boy 3 must have killed Boy 2, because Boy 4 didn't even go if he didn't win the competition. And assuming they went fetch their rocks after, Boy 3 got impatient and threw the rock but it hit Boy 2, sinking the rocks making him fail, and the killer. The reason Boy 4 didn't kill is because they stopped after Boy 3 killed Boy 2

  13. You never mentioned they had to throw 3 stones

  14. Boy 2 does not even exist in the question.

  15. Boy 2 does not even exist in the question.