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Pattern Image Equation Puzzle

Pattern Image Equation Puzzle - 13 September

Solve the equation in the image by looking the pattern closely.

For Solution : Click Here


  1. b is the answer. Its just rotated to the right once.

  2. Hahaha..nice trick
    alll the six pattern are correct & one an the same .....they have been rotted slighty every time............... .

  3. Correction the last one is diffrent

  4. There is a small drawing between the green boxess...if we consider the answer on base of them
    the answer wpuld be c

  5. Pretty obviously the answer is 'b' - I think you'd have to have a pretty low I.Q. not to spot that quickly. The patterns are actualy all different. The answer 'b' is, indeed, actually rotated a quarter-turn clockwise. It is not possible to rotate something 'to the right' as rotation is a circular movement while 'to the left' specifies a linear direction. When something rotates, part of it moves left and part of it moves right.