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Funniest Picture Riddle

Funniest - 6 October

You are a thief and you are being punished for your crime. The people of village have tied you head down on a tree with a rope that has been anchored in the ground. A candle is burning below the rope which is slowly burning it away. Just below your head, a Lion has been left loose who is waiting for you to drop down on the ground so he can have you as his lunch.

You have to survive the scenario. How will you do it?

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  1. i am tied with the rope so if rope burns i am sure to die. dont know

  2. Sing a song "Happy birthday to you mr. Lion" then the Lion will go to the candle and turn off the candle

  3. Just sing the Happy Birthday song and the Lion will blow the candle in celebration

  4. Do nothing. The candle flame is too far from the rope to burn it.

  5. DUDE, BLOW THE EFFING CANDLE. And I also think that the wind will blow it out.

  6. There is no choice to cut rope bcoz the burning candle wil we r safe from that lion!!