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Indiana Jones Treasure Logic Puzzle

Indiana Jones Treasure Logic Puzzle - 1 October

Indiana Jones has found two gold bars in a treasure he just excavated from the ground. But the jungle people won’t let him take away their treasure. He runs and come across the only rope bridge that connects the other side of the river to the jungle. He is aware of the fact that the rope can accommodate the weight of only 160 lbs. He weighs 140 lbs and the gold bars are each 12 lbs. Still he manages to cross the rope bridge without shredding any cloth off his body.

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  1. He will cut the rope bridge so that the jungle people cannot follow him across the river and using the ropes of the rope bridge he will cross the river.

  2. He juggles the bricks while he crosses the bridge.

  3. He will cut 1 gold brick into half and take rest 1+1/2.
    Greedyness is wrong habbit..:-D
    1/2 brick could be thrown at other side. If luck is in jone fait he will get it after crossing bridge.

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  5. technically the logic is incorrect for the answer. if the person juggles the bars, every time he throws a bar up, double the bars weight is exerted on him as a reaction force. this means the net force exerted on the bridge would be the same as jones carrying two bricks. So SNAP! wooooooossshhh... SPLASH! and eaten by a croc!

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  7. His weight is only 140 lbs , so there is no problem to cross the bridge because there is no condition that he should take bars with him as well. :D