Directi Interview Logic Aptitude Puzzle

Directi Interview Logic Aptitude Puzzle - 30 April

On a certain island, people are gifted with assorted eye colors. There are a hundred green colored and a hundred grey colored pair of eyes. On that island, there is no mirror available. Thus no one knows the eye color of their own. They could have asked each other but that is prohibited. They are not allowed to converse with each other. However, they can study and analyze other's eyes. They don't even know the statistics and so it is believable to them that their eyes can be blue as well. There is a chance of freedom from the island. If anyone is able to guess the color of his own eyes correctly, he will be set free and can leave the island.

On one particular day, an outsider comes to the island and makes an announcement that he has seen someone with grey color eyes. What will happen now?

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