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Cut The Swiss Cross Puzzle

Cut The Swiss Cross Puzzle - 13 August

Here is a Swiss Cross. You have to make two straight cuts in the figure so that it is divided into four congruent pieces. Also you should be able to join these pieces into a square then.

Can you accept this challenge?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. make straight cut at middle from up to down. as same from left to right.

  2. yes. you could also cut it diagonally

  3. Cut the top square you now have one small square and a T.. cut the T from the bottom to have two L, place one L ont the left and the.other upside down to the right.side making a large square with a small blank in the middle, place the remaing square in and you have s perfect

  4. cut it into half both vertically and horizontally and then place these 4L pieces such that they form a square