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Puzzles In Science

Puzzles In Science - 5 September

You are confined in a room and given two metal rods. Out of these two rods, one is magnet and the other is the iron rod. They look starkly similar. You don't have any other metal object in the room.
How will you decide which one of those is magnet?

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  1. break one of the rods into two, bring the ends of the two close to each other.If they attract or repel,its a magnet else not.

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  3. Place the rods forming a T-shape. If they stick together, the perpendicular rod is the magnet. If they don't ,the horizontal rod is the magnet. That is so, because a magnetic rod has no magnetic field(no magnetism) at its center. Or better said ,at the center, the (+) and (-) magnetic fields that are strong at the ends respectively, neutralize each other.
    And we can avoid the catastrophic method...

  4. Balance each rod on your finger. The magnet will align itself North/South.

  5. This is pretty simple as the magnet has its magnetic field at poles in general. Then you can just keep one rod on the surface and bring the tip of the other rod towards the center. If the rod which is lying down gets attracted towards your rod, then the one you are holding is the magnet and if it does not then the one lying down is the magnet.

  6. Rub them together for a while. Now they are both magnets.

    -Anonymous Wizard

  7. hit rod on ground- if it sparks, it is iron rod- no spark= magnet