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Tricky Interview Puzzle

Tricky Interview Puzzle - 4 September

I have a sore throat and a severe headache. I have four tablets with me that are identical to each other and they don't have any cover on them. There is no way I can identify which tablet serves what purpose. The only thing that I know is that two of these four tablets are for throat and the remaining two are for the headache. To treat my condition, I must take 1 of each. What will I do now ?

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  1. Cut every tablet into two equal halves. Then take one set of the halves.

  2. Very good answer.
    I would have taken them all, as tablets for sore throats and headaches aren't strong enough to lead to bad secondary effects. And next time I would be more careful in my labeling or storing :)

  3. take half of each tablet

  4. Let all the tablets be powdered and mix them throughly and now take half of the powder which will solve the purpose.

  5. Sorry, the pills won't help you. You have Ebola. Why were you in Africa?!?! Don't you watch the news? Well it was good knowing you.

    -Anonymous Wizard