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Coin Probability Problem

Coin Probability Problem - 9 October

Three fair coins are tossed in the air and they land with heads up. Can you calculate the chances that when they are tossed again, two coins will again land with heads up?

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  1. As a financial advisor, I'm required to say this all the time. Past performance does not impact future results.

  2. The question is ambiguous. If we assume we want the odds of ONLY two are heads then the answer is 3/8. If we include the case where all three are heads then the answer is 4/8 or 1/2.

  3. I would say 3/16 . for the sequence of event . first all coin heads .. And next 2 heads up .

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  5. We have: HHH,HTH,HHT,THH,TTT,TTH,THT,HTT. I.e d possible outcome equals 8 ,HHH is not part of the required outcome because the question does not say '' at least two heads '' ,the question was talking about two heads only, therefore we have 3 required outcome which is;HHT,HTH,THH... the answer is 3/8