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Hard Guess My Number Puzzle

Hard Guess My Number Puzzle - 13 October

One night, I thought of ways that can be used for creating a palindrome. So I decided that I will turn into a larger number by adding the reversed digits to the original number and keep doing it till I finally obtained a palindrome.

I am not sure if this process will always result in a palindrome eventually but I was able to produce a four digit palindrome. Can you guess my starting number?

For Solution : Click Here


  1. Posting questions like these with multiple answers is just stupid, still the following link provides all such numbers till 200,

    1. Seriously? Blogspot+thoughts=? This comment is out of context and This reply doesn't exist..

  2. it can be any 2digit no. combination b/w 1-9 followed by 2 0's
    eg: 1200, reverse of this is 21 wen we add we get 1221 which s a palindrome
    bt it has multiple answers :(