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Mythological Riddle

Mythological Riddle - 17 December

Your mythological knowledge might be pretty good. But can you tell the place where Lord Ram celebrated Diwali ?
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  1. The day the war started and ended between Rama and Ravana is known as Dushera snd Diwali not celebrated during his regime

  2. Thre was no diwali on that period..krishna only destroyed naragasura..and we are celebrating that day there was no diwali

  3. You might be thinking between, Ayodhya, Lanka and Mitila etc but you are looking in the wrong direction. As per the logics, Diwali was celebrated as a mark of Lord Krishna killing the demon Narakasura.

    If you know the Dasavatar, you must be knowing that Lord Krishna was the eighth avatar and Lord Ram was the seventh avatar. Therefore Lord Rama was born before Lord Krishna and could not have celebrate Diwali.