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Knights Tour Chess Puzzle

Knights Tour Chess Puzzle - 27 January

In the picture, you can see a chess board. On the top left position, the K marks a knight. Now, can you move the knight in a manner that after 63 moves, the knight has been placed at all the squares exactly once excluding the starting square?

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  1. There are not only 1,but millions of different solutions.'s_tour
    But I suspect that you had in mind a slightly different (and more interesting ) question/problem. If it is possible to start from K and after 63 moves to land at the diagonally opposite square (same color as K in a normal chessboard)? This is not possible, because a knight always changes "parity" as it moves. That means,from a white square it lands always on a black square, and vice-versa . Thus, after 63 (or any odd number of moves )it has to land to the last square being of the other color. Impossible.