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Simple Maths Age Problem

Simple Maths Age Problem - 7 April

Peter's adolescence lasted for 1/6 of his life. He grew facial hair after 1/12 more. He married Susanne after 1/7 more of his life. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter after 5 years. The daughter lived 1/2 of what Peter lived. Peter died four years after his daughter.

Can you find out how long did Peter live?

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  1. Peter died when he was 84. His adolescence lasted until he was 84/6=14. After 7 years (84/12), he started growing facial hair at age 21. He married Susanne 12 years later (84/7), at age 33. 5 years later he had his daughter, at age 38. She died 42 years later, when he was 80. He died 4 years later at age 84, which is twice as long as his daughter lived.