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100 Display Calculator Riddle

100 Display Calculator Riddle - 12 February

This is a famous calculator riddle in which you must display 100 on the display screen considering below three rules must be followed.

A) Three unique keys are allowed to be pressed.
B) You cannot press Memory keys
C) The Only basic calculator can be used.

For Solution: Click Here


  1. Press "1" then "+" then "1" again then press "=". Then hit the "=" key 99 more times till it shows 100

  2. The same result can be achieved by keying in 5 + 5 and hitting the "=" key 20 times

  3. Or by keying in 2 + 2 and hitting the "=" key 50 times

  4. Puzzle is silent whether each key can be pressed only once or many times. If multiple, shortest answer is 1/1%